Reasons You Might Need to Hire a Land Surveyor

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You might not hear about land surveyors every day, but their work plays a crucial role in many situations related to homeownership. You may be advised at times to hire a land surveyor. Here are some reasons why.

Selling or Buying a Home

A land surveyor's job involves, in part, examining an area of land in person using specialised equipment. For a residential property, they can check the exact boundaries of the yard and provide precise measurements in a report. This is handy if you're selling your home as buyers sometimes want such a report, and the sale of a house may be held up because of it. You can save time if you arrange a surveyor's inspection beforehand.

It's also wise to have a surveyor check a property you're considering buying. That way you won't get any nasty surprises down the track with a neighbour saying the fence line needs to be moved into your yard as it's been in the wrong spot for years.

Home Extensions

A land surveyor's role covers different scientific and legal areas. As well as outlining the lay of the land using technology, they check the building regulations for specific plots of land. Thus, you'll need a surveyor's report if you're constructing an extension. The surveyor will ensure you don't unwittingly break any local council regulations in the process. In some regions, buildings can only be built to a certain height, for example. Architects and engineers also use the surveyor's analysis of the terrain to plan and design the extension.


Another situation where you'll need a land surveyor is if you're subdividing your property. The rules around subdivision vary between regions, and a surveyor will help you stay compliant. When you're subdividing, it's also wise to definitively establish the property boundary so you don't make any costly mistakes. Many councils have rules about how close a building can be to the fenceline. Thus, it's crucial to have an accurate map so you don't build too close to your fence.


The report created by a surveyor is a legal document, so it can assist if you're having a dispute with your neighbour. Surveyors research historical documents about a property as well as physically examining it. Thus, they can give a clear answer if you're having an argument. Additionally, if you're rebuilding the backyard fence, you might consider getting a surveyor's report to ensure it's correctly positioned.

Keep these tips in mind when looking to hire a land surveyor.