Why Choosing The Right Building Surveyor Is The Most Important Part Of Your Construction Project

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Whether you are building a home, business, or warehouse from scratch, you will likely hire over a dozen tradesmen throughout the course of the journey, and sometimes many more. While all of them have their purposes and are certainly very important, building surveyors are arguably the most valuable person you will hire. If you are new to construction and aren't exactly sure what building surveyors do or how they can help, then here is a quick breakdown of the role so that you can understand just how vital they are and find the right one for your project.

What Do Building Surveyors Do?

A building surveyor is a fundamental part of construction in almost every country that has advanced safety procedures. Their role is to ensure the safety of you, the client, as well as every worker on site by monitoring construction and either approving or flagging every element as you go along. It is a big job that requires a lot of experience in the industry, as you only need one building surveyor attached to every project. Building surveyors are the ones who might just end up saving your life by noticing a fatal flaw with your building, and at the very least they will ensure you have a building that is safe for use as soon as it is done.

When Do You Hire A Building Surveyor?

Building surveyors need to be brought on board your team from a very early stage in production. If you have a building manager or coordinator, then they will likely advise you on how early on you need one, but before work has begun on actually digging up land and starting laying foundations, you will need to have a few chats with your building surveyor. Never undertake any kind of construction work that has not been seen and fully approved by a building surveyor, no matter what any other tradie or professional tells you.

How Do You Find The Right One?

A building surveyor has to be neutral and unbiased towards you and your goals because at the end of the day their interest lies in your safety, not in the completion of your building. What that means is that although they want you to be happy with a good end result, they are not going to bend the rules for anybody. With that in mind, the best way to find good building surveyors is simple: talk to them! Many building surveyors have very open offices so that you can come in for a chat and see whether or not they will be suited to work alongside you for the next few months and years. 

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