Is It Time To Reseal Your Driveway?

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Whether you have a kilometre long road to your country home or just a few short metres into your city garage, driveways come in all shapes and sizes across the country. The one thing they all have in common is that they all need to be maintained to a high degree or they will show signs of ageing far quicker than you would probably like. While there are many ways to keep your driveway looking good without serious maintenance, every now and then, it will need a visit from a professional construction contractor, and when that happens, make sure you use bitumen spray sealing.

How Do You Know If Your Driveway Needs To Be Resealed?

There are many reasons why a driveway might need to be resealed. Perhaps it is turning into more of a dirt trail than an asphalt or bitumen driveway. Maybe there are clear potholes forming that are not going to go away with the rainy season approaching. Maybe the edges weren't totally sealed in last time so they are cracking and breaking away. If you see any loose elements of the material of your driveway just laying around, then that is a clear sign that your driveway structural integrity has been compromised and needs to be resealed.

Bitumen Spray Sealing

There are a few different ways you can reseal a driveway, and in the past, it took a lot of effort and a lot more time, so many people avoided this process like their life depended on it. Nowadays, with modern manufacturing and new applications of emerging technology, you can use bitumen spray sealing to cover the same space of driveway in a fraction of the time. This bitumen spray sealing works by following a rotation of spraying the area, adding in aggregate, rolling it, then spraying again, adding less aggregate and rolling it and so on and so forth. 

Benefits Of Bitumen Spray Sealing

While it might not sound like much, this more advanced method of sealing your driveway has several advantages other than the time and effort it takes to put in place. Due to the whole area being covered, the end result is a much more enduring driveway than one with spot fixes here and there. The sealant itself can last for over a decade before more maintenance is required and the cost-effectiveness is far better than other, similar sealing applications which require more work and material. That is why bitumen spray sealing is used everywhere from parking lots to bike lanes and, of course, thousands of driveways!