Why Treated Pine Lumber Would Be Ideal For Your Building Supplies

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Building supplies can be quite exorbitant. However, this does not automatically mean that you cannot get economical building materials that will be durable too. One of the options that you could consider is treated pine. This type of lumber can be used for an array of applications ranging from framing, flooring, fencing and more. The following are some of the reasons why treated pine lumber would be ideal for your building supplies.

Treated pine is a cost effective solution

A major benefit of choosing treated pine for your construction needs is that you will not break the bank by investing in this material. One of the reasons why pine is an affordable option is it is naturally occurring and grows at a fast rate. Therefore, there is an abundant supply of pine trees, which makes it one of the more readily available materials that you could consider.

Treated pine is resistant to rotting

It should be noted when considering pine for your construction needs, you should ensure you are purchasing treated pine. This lumber is pressure treated, which enables it to develop a resistance to decay. Therefore, you can rest assured that your building supplies will not be at risk of premature deterioration. The rot resistance of treated pine also makes it a suitable solution for outdoor construction needs. You can use this material for fences, exterior cladding and more without having to be burdened with routine sealing and treating of the pine to keep it in good condition.

Treated pine is easy to work with

When it comes to construction, materials that are easy to work with can be of great benefit; for instance, if the contractors can easily put nails in the lumber and erect the structure, it will translate into a shorter construction time. Secondly, if the materials are easy to work with, it may also translate into a shorter construction period. Other types of construction materials can be difficult to work with for example if they require pre-drilling of holes, as this will mean that more time is taken to prep the materials during the construction process.  

Treated pine is an attractive lumber

If you would like your structure to have a natural finish rather than painting over it, then treated pine would be a great option. The grain patterns of this type of wood are attractive, making them a popular option for individuals looking for decorative elements in their structure. Additionally, since the grain is attractive, you can save costs by simply varnishing the pine rather than having it painted. To learn more, contact a lumber supplier.