4 Things You Can Use A Dumper For On Your Construction Site

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Site dumpers are one of the smaller units on any given construction site. They are not as large or as intimidating as excavators, graders and wheel loaders. But that aside, they are a very useful category of equipment to have on a site. And thanks to their versatility, there is a lot that one can do with these compact machines. Below, check out some of the many functions that you can put dumpers to on your site. 

Move earth

The most common application of site dumpers is to move earth. Here, excavators or spades are used to load the said earth onto the dumper. The dumper is then driven by the operator who delivers the earth where it's needed. On average, a site dumper can move about 5 tons of earth per trip. And thanks to their robust engine and high speeds, a site dumper can move lots of earth over short or medium distances within very little time.

Backfill soil

Just in the same way site dumpers can move earth from one location to another, they can also be used to backfill soil into previously excavated sites. Here, the dumpers are loaded in the same way as explained above and the operators then drive and dump the earth onto the excavated area. They can be used to backfill trenches, fencing holes, sewerage pits, and any other excavated site. 

Transport building supplies around the site

Earth aside, a site dumper can be used to transport construction supplies as well. This is ideal where the materials are bulky and need to be transported over short distances around the site. In such cases, it may not be practical to use a truck. Loading and offloading a pickup truck will also take a bit of time. Dumpers are fast as they can quickly offload materials through their hydraulic swivel function. They can also navigate through tight spaces easier. Some of the materials that can be transported here include cement, sand, ballast, aggregate, bricks, and even water.

Site clearing 

Site dumpers can also be used to clear the site either during or after the construction process. This works by using the dumper just as if it were an earthmoving task. The dumper is loaded with trash by an excavator and the operator takes that trash to the designated trash site or bin. Some of the trash that apply here include rocks, sludge, paper, cardboard, off-cut timber or metal pieces, etc. 

So if you're out there looking for earthmoving machinery hire services, think about adding a site dumper to your list of needed equipment. It could be a great deal of help.