3 Attributes of Superior Metal Roofing Products

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Many roofing products, such as pre-painted roofing sheets, exist on the market today. That nearly endless list of options can make it very difficult to select the best product for your home. This article discusses some attributes of superior metal roofing products that you should consider as you select the most appropriate roofing products for your home.

Resistance to Tropical Staining

Tropical staining refers to the damaging effects that result when microorganisms, such as fungi, and dirt adhere to the roofing material. Inferior roofing products allow dirt and fungi to settle on the roof. That fungi and dirt eventually causes the roof to deteriorate and look aged because of the large stains that form on it.

Superior roofing products have paint that resists the adhesion of dirt on their surface. Consequently, fungus and dirt will be easily washed off the roof each time it rains. Such a roof will retain its attractive appearance for much longer than another roof that lacks resistance to tropical staining.

Resistance to Paint Weathering

Paint weathering can take two forms. The first is delamination in which the top layer of the paint detaches itself from the primer coat. UV radiation is usually the biggest cause of this delamination. The second form of paint weathering is colour fading. Colour fading can be caused by the use of inferior colour pigments or resins in the formulation of the paint used on the pre-painted sheets.

Superior metal roofing products are made to resist paint weathering for very long using the best protective products available. For instance, such a product will contain stable anti-UV radiation ingredients within the topcoat of the paint used.

Corrosion Resistance

Many metals will corrode (oxidise) if they remain exposed to water and oxygen for a long time. Metal roofs are always exposed to the elements, so they will succumb to corrosion if they haven't been protected adequately.

The best metal roofing product manufacturers spare no expense in equipping their products with superior corrosion protection. For instance, they may coat the steel roofing sheets with a combination of zinc and alumimium. Such a coating protects the material in two ways. First, the zinc in that coating will sacrifice itself (as a sacrificial anode) in order to protect the less reactive steel from corroding. Second, the aluminium in the coating will form a barrier that will stop agents of corrosion, such as moisture, from reaching the vulnerable steel underneath.

How can you be sure that the products that you wish to buy meet the requirements above? Read the product literature and find out how the manufacturer addressed the issues above. Second, talk to roofing contractors so that they help you to choose the materials that have passed the test of time after installation. Your efforts will be rewarded when the metal roofing products that you buy meet or even exceed your performance and aesthetics expectations.