Designing a Pallet Deck? Questions to Get the Creativity Flowing

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Pallets provide a relatively inexpensive and popular material for a range of projects, including making a deck. Thinking of a deck made of pallets? Here are some questions to get the creativity flowing:

1. Do you want a base?

A base is optional with a pallet deck. If you are building adjacent to your house and the door is high above the ground, you will need to add a base to your pallet deck. A base consists of a grid of sturdy timber that can hold up the pallets. However, if you don't want to spend extra money or time creating a base, you may want to simply lay the pallets directly on the ground -- place some landscaping fabric beneath them to stymie the growth of grass and weeds.

2. Do you want the deck near the house or in the middle of the yard?

A deck by your house can be convenient, but if you don't want to deal with the height of the door, matching the trim of the house or any other issues, you may opt to place your deck in the midst of the yard. In this case, consider making the deck flat on the ground and possibly attaching poles and a sunshade to it to create shade. Alternatively, build the pallet deck around your favorite tree and let it provide shade.

3. Do you like plywood decking or close-together slats?

Pallets have their slats arranged in varying ways. If you like the classic look of a wooden deck with slats running along it, try to find pallets with slats that are close together. Alternatively, you can move the slats of the pallets you have so that they are closer together. If that sounds too time consuming, put together the deck. Then, cover it with pieces of plywood, and stain or paint that as desired.

4. Do you want side rails?

If you decide that you want rails around your deck either for safety or aesthetic value, consider making them out of old pallets as well. That gives your deck a consistent style. To give the railings a slightly more spare look, remove every other or every third slat. Then, simply attach them to the decking at a right angle.

5. Do floating walkways appeal to you?

If you want to make walkways leading to or from your deck, consider making floating wood walkways. These are simply walkways made of the slats of old pallets. Remove the slats and plant them in the ground as you would patio stones.

For more information on decks, contact a local contractor.