Two Environmentally-Friendly Reasons To Remodel Your Old Pool Before Summer

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Spring has sprung in Queensland, so now is the perfect time to take a closer look at your old swimming pool before the weather heats up and the swimming days of summer arrive. You already know you need to have it officially reinspected every two years to retain your pool safety certificate, so why not take advantage of the inspection to decide whether or not it is time for your old pool to have a remodel. There are two main environmental ways why a pool remodel will have an impact on the footprint you are leaving on this planet.

Old Pools Waste Water Resources

If your pool has a lot of small cracks in the lining or the shell, you may not have thought past the aesthetic consequences those cracks have. But, it is likely your pool is leaking water. There are two reasons why a leaking pool is a problem:

  1. Parts of Queensland are in a drought situation which means a leaking pool is putting a strain on water resources that are already needed elsewhere. The problem is doubled when you have your pool set to autofill to replenish every drop that is leaking out of the liner into the surrounding soil.
  2. When the surrounding soil of a pool gets too saturated with water from pool leaks, there is a danger it will liquify and collapse. This means there is no solid support around the pool so the pressure of the water inside the pool could push the liner out into the soggy soil. This causes even more cracks and damage to occur.

Getting a pool remodel done means there will be no more cracks or leaks so no more precious water is wasted.

Old Pools Waste Power Resources

When you get a pool remodeled, the pool equipment should be checked at the same time. In particular, have a look at the pool pump and filter system that is currently being used. In inefficient pool pump uses more power than is necessary to keep the pool clean and filtered. Pool pumps can make up 30% of your current power bill. So, not only is an inefficient pool pump putting a strain on the environment because it uses too much electricity, but it is also costing you money.

The best way to determine whether your pool pump is inefficient is to have it inspected by a pool maintenance contractor. They can test the flow of water moving through the system to determine whether or not it is a good fit for your pool. When having your pool remodeled, your pump and filter needs could change anyway so this is a good time to upgrade it to a more current model.