Should you attempt a home renovation when pregnant?

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Pregnancy can be a common trigger for a home renovation. The new adidtion to the family will need somewhere to sleep and play and this often means that homeowners start contemplating a home renovation. Here are some things to consider as you decide whether this is the right time for you to renovate. 

Can you cope if the renovation goes over schedule?

Renovations can go over schedule as there can be some issues that the builder only discovers once the building commences, such as damp issues in foundations. This can mean that the renovation goes over time and you might end up bringing home a newborn to a house which is still under construction. Experienced contractors can generally deal with these issues more quickly than newer or less experienced operators. 

Is this the best time to get it done?

For some families it can be worth delaying a renovation as newborns do not initially need that much more space. However it can be easier to get the renovations done early on during pregnancy, rather than later renovating a home with a curious toddler who is desperately trying to put everything in their mouths or switching power switches on and off all the time. This decision is a personal calculation for all families depending on whether they'd prefer to get the renovation process out of the way earlier, or leave it until their kids are older. 

Do you have somewhere you can retreat to?

You may find that the renovation becomes overwhelming amongst the general upheaval of pregnancy. It can be useful to have somewhere you can retreat to for a few days if you find yourself without hot water, or tired with the loud noises of the trades. This is a good time to take up those offers of help from friends and family and make the most of their guest rooms! Often after a good night of sleep and a hot shower, everything falls into perspective and you can start to remember how great the house will be once the renovation is completed. 

If you are contemplating doing a renovation while pregnant it can be useful to get an experienced contractor who will be best placed to make sure the renovation can be completed with minimal stress and on schedule. They can also clearly communicate if you will be without services for any period of time so you can make other plans if needed.