DIY Fixes for Your Home's Gutters

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Your gutters' primary function is to ensure that your residence does not succumb to water damage during the rainy seasons. To do this, they are designed to steer water away from the foundation of your home. In order for them to work at optimum, your gutters need to be kept in good condition. It is advised to install meshes in your gutters that will ensure debris does not accumulate in the gutters and cause them to block. In addition to this, you should carry out regular gutter cleaning to ensure that they are free of dirt and debris. However, clogging is not the only reason why your gutter's functionality may be impeded. Here are some DIY fixes that you could carry out in the event that your gutters are not functioning as they should be.

Gutters that are misaligned

There are two main ways that your gutters can become misaligned. The first is by the gutters starting to sag. The second form of misalignment that you could notice is the gutters have started pulling away from the walls. In these instances, hangers that have loosened or come off over time typically cause the misalignment. The hangers are the metallic hardware that are used to hold the gutters securely in place. Inspect the hangers to see if the fasteners are still in place or if they have completely come off. You could choose to either re-screw the hangers in place or purchase completely new hangers in the event the former ones have succumbed to damage such as corrosion.

Gutters that are leaking

Over time, your gutters may start suffering from abrasion due to the debris that collects inside them. If this abrasion is not stopped in time, holes will form within your gutters. As such, you will find that water starts leaking from these holes whenever the gutters are directing water away from your home. Inspect the gutters to establish the size of the holes. Small holes in the gutters can easily be repaired by filling them with caulking material. Ensure the caulk has completely dried before the gutters can be out to use again. If the holes are large, then they would require a patch to effectively repair the holes. These repairs patches are sold as part of a gutter patching kit that can be found in most hardware stores. Alternatively, you could create patches for the larger holes by using metal flashing.

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