Tips to DIY decorating of your tiles

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Tiling supplies are used for numerous applications around the home. This is largely due to how versatile tiles are and their ability to withstand heavy usage. Additionally, they are great for areas that are exposed to a lot of moisture such as the kitchen or the bathroom. However, over time your tiles may start looking drab and bland due to aging. If you would prefer to avoid replacing your tiles, then you could consider decorating them to give them a facelift. The following are some tips that you could use for DIY decorating of your tiles.

Paint your tiles

One of the easiest ways to improve the appearance of your tiles is through painting them. However, this is not as simple as purchasing watercolours and beginning to paint the tiles. Ensure you stick to either latex paints or glossy paints, as these will retain the waterproof nature of your tiles. If you would like to achieve a modern appearance in your space, you could opt for metallic colours such as gold or silver to paint your tiles in. If you would like to create images on your tiles, you could invest in stencils that you could use in tandem with the paints. These stencils will create an illusion of depth on the tiles and give them a unique appearance.

Apply wallpaper to your tiles

If painting is not something you are interested in, you could consider decorating your tiles using wallpaper. Wallpapers is an ideal option for individuals who would like to experiment with various colours and textures on their tiles. It should be noted that due to the grouting on the tiles, it would be best to apply the wallpaper on each individual tile rather than simply apply the wallpaper to cover the entire tiled wall or floor. Take note to cut out the wallpaper pieces in exactly the same size so that they can fit the tiles uniformly. If you do not want to cover each individual tile with wallpaper, you could choose to create a patchwork design. This is done by cutting the wallpaper into borders that can then be applied onto the tiles both vertically and horizontally.

Stick fabric onto your tiles

If you would like to add some depth to your tiles, you could opt to decorate them with fabric. To do this, start off by sticking some padding onto the tiles that you want to decorate. Once the padding is secure, stick the fabric pieces on top of the padding to create a raised surface. It should be noted that decorating tiles with fabric should only be done on tiles that are not regularly exposed to water. This will prevent the risk of mould and mildew developing on the padding and fabric.