Three Ways Eco-Enthusiasts Can Optimize Their Solar Power System

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There is an increase in the uptake of solar energy by eco-enthusiasts, largely due to its slight effect on global warming and the fact that solar is a renewable source of energy. As an eco-enthusiast, you should take great pride in your efforts to minimise the emission of greenhouse gases (GHGs). You can always get the most out of this renewable energy source by increasing the efficiency of the solar system. You will not only use clean energy but also reduce the cost of energy. Here are a few tips to help you optimise your solar power system.

Prices and Payment Modalities -- With technological advancement, solar technology has driven down the price of residential solar energy systems. Also, with partnerships between vendors and financial institutions, you do not have to worry about buying the system out-rightly from the supplier when you are on a small budget. There are many tailor-made payments methods to help you own the solar power system, and pay in instalments. Check websites of your local installers to compare prices and additional services that may woo you in either direction. However, be cautious not to go for an overly expensive system in the hope that it will eliminate all your energy costs.

Estimate Usage -- An energy audit is crucial in determining the total energy needs in your home. A professional will evaluate the energy use and show deficits and vulnerabilities of your current system. Also, the audit will suggest efficient ways to improve your energy consumption. The expert may suggest areas that you will need to optimise such as air conditioning and ventilation. After the audit, you can now know the size of the solar power system that will be effective for your home. Solar energy experts recommend that you use appliances that consume more power only during the day.

Inspection and Maintenance -- Most solar panels can last you at least 20 years; thus, regular maintenance is not necessary. However, it is advisable that you clean the panels at least twice annually. However, cleaning dirt and debris such as leaves and bird droppings will ensure that the panels receive maximum solar energy. If you want the battery for the solar system to last up to the manufacturer's end of life specification, ensure that you store it at an ambient operating temperature. Perform routine discharging according to the manufacturer's instructions. Please note that deeper discharging of other types of batteries (lithium-ion and lead-acid) can significantly reduce battery life.