Become a Successful Building Consultant

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If you are interested in going into the field of consultancy, there is certainly a market for it. In 1997, over $12 billion dollars was spent by US businesses on consulting services. That was almost twenty years ago before inflation had become as high. Imagine how much is spent yearly now! Here is what you need to do as you consider beginning your consulting business.


Are you ready to run a building consultancy business? To run a building consultancy business, you do not generally need anything more than a high school diploma. As most consultancy businesses are self-started, you only need to convince your potential clients that you are qualified. Having a higher education or certification can equal more business and higher pay. You must be organized as you will be responsible for planning and managing your own time. The more organized you are, the more likely your clients will be satisfied with your work.

You must ask yourself if you are a social person. As a building consultant, you will need to constantly network with people, talk about your business, and enjoy having discussions with others.

Advice Moving Forward

If you decide to move forward with your own building consultancy business, you must focus on the relationships you are making, not on the revenue. Your business may take a year or two to really get off the ground. You cannot expect to start and begin making a large amount of money within the first month of your business. The relationships you build will be the most important part of this beginning time.

The building consultant business is not one of the top twenty most popular consultancy businesses, meaning that you can begin your business and help build up this field as there are not as many entrepreneurs in the business right now.

Do not price your services by the hour as the client will see you as an easy-to-fire commodity. Instead, spend time getting to know your client and understand their vision. Give them a vision for the future that only you can fulfill. Talk about how you have been useful to other companies. Base your cost on the fulfillment of the project, a fixed-price scenario.

Last of all, in the consulting business, you must be flexible in your work. You will have busy times and times that are not so busy. You must be willing to work hard when there is work and be flexible in the time when you do not have as many clients.