Some Questions You'll Want to Ask About a Cheap Bin Hire

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A cheap bin hire can make quick work of cleaning out your home's basement or attic, or for when you want to do some major landscaping and clear away brush and other debris. They're also vitally necessary for many home renovation projects. Note a few questions you'll want to ask about a cheap bin hire before you rent one, so you know you get the right bin and don't overlook anything involved in its rental.

Ask if there is a lower charge for all dirt or all concrete

Most bin hire companies take the bin to a recycling center before they dispose of the items inside, so that anything salvageable can be pulled from the bin. If you're just throwing away all concrete chunks from pulling up your driveway or patio, or are removing some dirt to put down a new landscaping feature, ask if you get a discount. These items are easy to recycle and since they don't require any sifting through the items in the bin, the company may actually give you a lower price for your rental.

Ask about additional charges

You need to cover this with the rental agency as you may be surprised as to what would cost extra when renting a bin. For example, if you overfill it, move the bin on your own, or add certain items to the bin, this might mean added charges. Your rental agency may charge you a certain amount for a certain number of days, but any days in addition to that can mean a higher price per day, as you may need another permit for the bin or an extension of your permit. If the rental agency provides this permit, they may charge you extra for needing a second one or an extension.

Note if they can assist with items they don't actually take

Virtually every skip bin rental agency will have items they don't accept; this may include tires, mattresses, oils of any sort, batteries of any variety, asbestos, and so on. They may also not take flammable materials or anything considered hazardous. If you have any item you need to dispose of that is on this prohibited list, you might ask the skip bin company if they can assist. They may work with a company that accepts such items for a certain fee, or they may give you the number of your local trash collection service who may be able to assist.

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