Double Your Coastal Home for Half the Money

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With summer just a few months away there is never a better time to sell your coastal home. With the long outstanding Australian dream to own a family home by the beach and increased demand for beach front property, your peaceful sanctuary can fetch a fortune with just a few improvements. Here's how you can double your coastal home for half the money.

Open up the living space

When people picture living near the water, an open space image often occupies their mind. It's the dream of life by the beach. If your rooms are cramped up, transform them into an open space to create a spacious, appealing living area.


A landscaping improvement is a small investment that has big visual returns. Bring in native plants to establish a sense of place. You can add a functional open-air fireplace, an outdoor dining area a porch, a patio, a deck and an outdoor shower, to add a big visual investment. You want the buyer to enjoy the outside of the home, especially during summer.

Central Air-Conditioning

Even with the lovely ocean breezes, a backup cool in the stifling December afternoons is a major relief. A central air-conditioning is an excellent way of keeping up with any competition in your neighborhood as well as increase the value of your house.

Exterior Facelift

There is no better way to make a first impression than a home with a street appeal.  A weather resistant exterior siding is a great face lift. To add a contemporary feel to the house consider adding stainless steel balustrades. Stainless steel is ideally suited for coastal areas due to its strong nature and high durability.

Consider bespoke glass and stainless steel balustrades to create a marvel of architecture since they both blend well in a coastal environment with seamless elegance. Such a system brings the best of both worlds, with stainless steel balustrades providing a touch of class while glass balustrades add an all new dynamic beauty to the house by providing an essential physical barrier without blocking the ocean view.

Interior Design

Redo the décor of your house with fresh paint and new furniture that complement the cheery colors of the coast. Incorporate coastal living décor such as seashells throughout the house. A kitchen and a bathroom makeover that preserves that coastal feel will increase your home's value. The attitude inside your house should give visual cues that make a beach house feel like home.