Creating more space in semi-detached houses

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Many houses in the inner city are semi-detached in that they share one or more walls with neighbouring structures. If your house is in a great location but does not have enough room, you may be wondering what options are available to you.

Here are some ideas to get your inspiration flowing. 

Loft conversion

A loft conversion, where you convert your roof space into a loft, can be a great way to create some extra storage space or even a spare room. These conversions can be relatively quick and easy to install as they do not add substantial weight to the structure or create any undue stresses on one side of the structure which can affect your neighbours home. The loft can be accessed by either a ladder or a staircase depending on the available space. 

Removal of internal walls

Many older semi-detached homes had relatively small rooms running off a single long hallway. As part of your home extension, you can look to remove internal walls to remove dead space such as hallways and create an open plan living area. This can require some extra support beams to be inserted across the ceiling where the walls have been removed to create extra space. By combining small rooms and halls into larger rooms, you can often create a more practical layout for modern living. 

Rear extensions

Lightweight rear extensions can be run off the back of the house. A typical brick or framed construction can be attempted but may require advanced site works and foundation works in order for it to work with the existing foundation pad. Often it can be useful to use an outdoor living area approach with decking base and lightweight, temporary walls such as shutters or curtains. This can create more space for entertaining and make use of the beautiful Australian climate. 

Modernised galley kitchen

If the kitchen has not been updated in a while, removing existing cupboards and appliances and replacing them with intelligently designed cupboards with wire racking (which allows you to see all the objects in the cupboard drawers) can be a nice update. Slimline appliances and benches can create more usable space as well as make the kitchen feel lighter and modern. 

If you are looking for some ideas on how to create more space in a semi-detached home, why not meet with a construction contractor? They can review your home and give you some ideas to help.