Why a Career in Gas Plumbing is a Gold Mine

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We are living at a competitive phase of human development. Everyone is trying to outdo the other in business, career, or personal achievements. To this end, numerous articles have been written that claim to offer one-stop solutions that allow people to gain an edge in the different facets of life. One area that has particularly been rejuvenated is personal and career development. A good number of publications in this subject provide unfocused insight and rely on generic and somewhat mundane perspectives.  

The primary objective of this article is to offer a very particular angle in career development, that is, gas plumbing. The highly specialized subset of building and construction offers lucrative but largely unexplored opportunities for the following reasons:

  1. Lack of competition—although subjective, it would not be far-fetched to argue that gas plumbing remains an enigmatic field for most people. Mainstream curricula does not cover gas plumbing as a subject. Consequently, very few of us ever get an opportunity to dabble with the trade and arouse desires of progression. Cumulatively, it means that there are very few gas plumbers out there and the field will not become saturated for a long time. This is because there are not a lot of barriers for entry, and fresh trainees are assured of a place in the market.
  2. Remuneration—it does not take an elaborate survey or study to conclude that gas plumbers are paid well. The law of demand and supply speaks for itself; that is, with so few professionals available, the demand is consistently high, and they are able to charge a premium for their services.
  3. Flexibility—gas plumbers usually work on a contractual basis. This mode of operation is a lot more flexible compared to conventional employment whereby staff have to be in the office from 8 AM through 5 PM. Gas plumbers are booked in advance owing to their low numbers, which allows them to scope projects and work with time-driven deliverables. I once met a gas plumber who told me that he was fully booked for the next18 months, but that he only needed half the time to deliver.
  4. Gentle learning curve—as opposed to most technically-oriented professions, the learning curve for gas plumbing is not as steep. A career in the field is hands-on. With proper motivation and apprenticeship, a newbie can become an expert and start making a decent amount in no time.

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