Tips for Tearing Down a Concrete Fence Wall

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If you have an ailing concrete fence wall on your property, you may want to bring it down. But before you can begin any work, it is essential to be aware of tips that can help make the task ahead a lot easier to perform. Here are a couple of tips you can follow to ensure your tear-down project is done properly and no one gets hurt.

Check with utility companies

Always contact utility companies in your local area before you can start any work. Interference with underground electric cables, water pipes, gas lines, and other utilities can make removing your fence unsafe and more difficult. Before embarking on your project, you should know where the utility lines on your property are located.

If there are any utility lines buried near your fence, your local utility companies will let you know. You don't want to get fined because you broke a water pipe and cut water supply to your neighbours when you were digging out the foundation of your old fence.

Work top-down

Tear down the concrete wall from the top with your preferred tool and let gravity can work in your favour as the debris drop to the ground. Ignore any rebar and only concentrate on breaking the concrete as you work.  

Once you have reached the foot of the wall and have cleared away debris, you will see where the rebar is joined to the base material that was poured below the concrete wall. Dig down a bit and cut the rebar with a rebar cutter.

Disposal of debris

After you have cleared debris off the work site, you will need to think about how to get rid of it. There are a couple of options at you can consider. Concrete debris can be disposed of at your local concrete recycling facility if you have access to a hauling truck. Some recyclers will accept concrete waste free or ask for a small service charge per load. If the concrete debris contains rebar, an additional charge may be imposed.

Alternatively, you can rent a large skip bin for your project and have a waste disposal contractor to haul it away. Or, you can hire the contractor to handle the waste for the entire duration of the project.

By utilising the above-discussed tips, you will find the job of demolishing your concrete fence wall to be a lot easier than you could have expected. However, if you still would like help, contact a demolition company.