How to maintain the automatic door to your business

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Automatic doors are used in many different businesses, as they are easy to use and create an open environment where customers don't need to physically do anything in order to open the door to your business. However, automatic doors require more attention than ordinary doors to work properly, and in order for you to keep your automatic door functional, you need to maintain it properly. In order to do this, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Clearing the sensors

An automatic door is dependent on its sensors in order to function, as it's the sensors that need to discover if anybody wants to get through for the door to open. Debris, dirt, or even dust that gets on the sensor lens can prevent it from functioning and thereby cause your door to malfunction. You should wipe the sensors clean regularly with a dry cloth to make sure that it's not getting clogged by any dirt. If you've gotten more serious dirt on it, like spray paint, enquire with an automatic door services company that can recommend an appropriate cleaning solution for you. Avoid using ordinary detergent on the lens, as this might damage it and cause it to malfunction.

Cleaning and lubricating moving parts

You should also make sure that the door opening mechanism is working properly. Rusty parts or parts that have been clogged by dirt won't work properly and can cause trouble for your business. Make sure you clean out any pieces of dirt or debris that you find in the moving parts of the door opening system. You should also make a habit out of lubricating any moving parts regularly to make sure they work properly. If you opt for a silicone based lubricant, this might also decrease the risk of any parts rusting as the silicone forms a thin, protective layer over the metal.

Testing opening and closing

Another important thing to maintain your automatic door is to perform a weekly test of the opening and closing functions of the door. This isn't just important because you want all parts of your building to be operational, but is also very important in case of a fire, as people need to be able to get out as quickly as possible. Put an object where the two halves of the door meet when it's closing. If it doesn't bounce back but instead squeezes or crushes the object, you need to contact automatic door services immediately, as this is a sign that something is wrong with the door. Test the opening feature by approaching the door from different angles and make sure it opens every time.