4 Essential Features of Roller Shutter Garage Doors

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These days, roller shutter garage doors are fast becoming a popular choice for many homeowners. The following benefits attributed to the doors will help explain why.

Easy and convenient to use

When remote-controlled, roller shutter garage doors are easy and convenient to operate. Their noiseless, vertical operation enables you to move and park your car closer to the door without having to leave your car so that you can manually open and close the doors. By pressing the access buttons on the remote control, you can open the garage doors, drive inside and then securely close and lock the garage doors.

Security enhancements

Apart from offering storage space for your car, the garage should be secure enough to protect your car from theft or damage every time it is kept inside. Modern-day roller shutter garage doors have enhanced security features to ensure that would-be criminals such as thieves and burglars don't intrude your home.

Some of these doors, for instance, have been built with comb locking systems, which can be found on each of the roller shutter head-plates to secure the door automatically when it closes. A locking bolt and collar can also be integrated into the axle so that every time the door closes, they will engage together with the lock comb to repel any attempt to open the door.

Greater safety controls for garage users

Unlike a traditional, manually-operated swing out garage door, which poses a serious risk of physical harm or injury to the people around if it is accidentally released, automated roller shutter garage doors have an in-built safety sensor device meant to detect obstructions found in the pathway of the doors. In case the door is being closed and senses an obstruction, it halts immediately and then gets back to the open position, thus ensuring greater safety.

Enhances the kerb appeal of your home

Manufacturers of roller shutter garage doors now recognise that many homeowners want to have products that can enhance the ambience of their home since garage doors are usually large in size, and in many homes, garages are built facing the front yard or sometimes even public pathways.

Roller shutter garage doors, whether made from wood, steel, aluminium or any other construction material, come in an extensive array of attractive colours and finishes (e.g. a white mahogany garage door with a wood grain finish) so that you can choose the one that blends best into the outdoor space of your home.

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