The Bucket, The Brush, The Ladder and The Old Pair of Jeans: Essential Precautions To Observe When Re-painting Your Exteriors

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The presence of mildew, peeling paint or changing color shades of your exterior walls and entry floors are pointers to a perfect time for renovation. This is the best time to make use of exterior painting services to give your exterior walls some of the long lost beauty. A quality exterior finish should add some extra value to your house should you consider putting it on the property market this summer. Here's what you need to know about giving your house a perfect new face.

Even out the base

To ensure you get an easy time running your paint roller pad on the wall, make sure you resolve any blisters, etched edges or rotting wood surfaces. Buy a sufficient amount of filling paste and even out those wall pits and cracks. If your exteriors are wooden, an experienced carpenter should replace the worn out surfaces. Remember to sand any uneven surfaces to get the best out of your paint job.

 Wash exteriors

Painting on a dusty concrete wall or a mildewy, dumpy wall can produce a messy job. It couldn't get worse than this. Washing your exterior before painting is a necessity that you should not overlook. Spray generously, a recommended mildew killer concentrate on your dumpy wall. While this works its way in, take the time to scrape off loose paint using a hot air gun.  Finally, give your walls and floor a good pressure wash before you start painting.

Wait for the perfect weather

A good paint job is one that allows gradual, even drying of the paint coats, leaving an aesthetically pleasing finish. It would be disastrous to try painting when winds are blowing strongly on your wet paint because you will end up smudging paint on yourself and missing the right spots. Searing heat from the sun as well will cause the wet paint to dry faster than recommended, thereby causing peeling and uneven finishes due to blistering. For an ideal paint job, consider painting during morning hours or late afternoon, ensuring the winds blow gently.

Add some extra traction

Stairs or floor to the entry requires a little grip for you to walk on comfortably. Painting a few coats on such walkways make them extra slippery, making the walk rather unforgiving. Add a small scoop of fine sand into the paint or purchase a similar additive to give the final finish some extra traction. These painting precautions should help you give your house that polished look it had when you first moved in.